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Metalytics Joins Life Science Industry Leaders on Science Exchange

Research Triangle Park, NC

December 21, 2021


Use of Metabolic Flux Analysis (MFA) to Expedite Media Selection and Optimization of CHO

Metalytics and MilliporeSigma


The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) Announces New Projects to Advance Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing
Newark, DE

January 9, 2018


A Multiscale Metabolic Model for Fed-batch Culture Process Control

Metalytics, Merck, MilliporeSigma, and University of Minnesota


Press & Projects


Voyager Poster ACS.jpg

Poster Presentation at 2022 ACS Spring Meeting
San Diego, CA, and Online; March 20-24, 2022
click on image above for link to full poster presentation

Poster Presentation at NIIMBL 2021 Annual Meeting
Washington, DC, and Online; July 14-16, 2021
click on image above for link to full poster presentation

Presentation to Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2021
Online Conference; March 16-17, 2021
click on image above for narrated presentation

Presentation to BioProcessing International 2020
Online Conference; September 21-25, 2020
click on image above for narrated presentation

Select Publications

Metabolic flux analysis has been utilized with a wide variety of organisms for a multitude of research, development and manufacturing applications, from cell line engineering and culture media optimization, to better understanding cancer cell biology and metabolic diseases.  Below is a select list of publications from Metalytics’ Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jamey Young, a complete list of publications can be found here.


In vivo 2H/13C Flux Analysis in Metabolism Research

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2021

13C Metabolic Flux Analysis in Cell Line and Bioprocess Development

- Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, 2021

13C Flux Analysis Reveals that Rebalancing Medium Amino Acid Composition Can Reduce Ammonia Production While Preserving Central Carbon Metabolism of CHO Cell Cultures

- Biotechnology Journal, 2018

Application of 13C Flux Analysis to Identify High-Productivity CHO Metabolic Phenotypes

- Metabolic Engineering, 2017

13C Flux Analysis in Biotechnology and Medicine

- Systems Biology, 2017

Application of Isotope Labeling Experiments and 13C Flux Analysis to Enable Rational Pathway Engineering

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2015

13C Metabolic Flux Analysis of Recombinant Expression Hosts

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2014

The Impact of Anti-apoptotic Gene Bcl-2 Expression on CHO Central Metabolism

- Metabolic Engineering, 2014

Role of CHO Central Carbon Metabolism in Controlling the Quality of Secreted Biotherapeutic Proteins

- Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing, 2014

Metabolic Flux Rewiring in Mammalian Cell Cultures

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2013

Peak Antibody Production is Associated with Increased Oxidative Metabolism in an Industrially Relevant Fed-batch CHO Cell Culture

- Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2013

Oncogenic KRAS and BRAF Drive Metabolic Reprogramming in Colorectal Cancer

- Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2016

Mapping Cancer Cell Metabolism with 13C Flux Analysis: Recent Progress and Future Challenges

- Journal of Carcinogenesis, 2013

Mass Spectrometry-based Microassay of 2H and 13C Plasma Glucose Labeling to Quantify Liver Metabolic Fluxes in vivo

- American Journal of Physiology, 2015

Tracking Cellular Metabolomics in Lipoapoptosis- and Steatosis-developing Liver Cells

- Molecular BioSystems, 2011



BioProcess International - US West

March 14-17, 2022

San Diego, CA & Online

Biomanufacturing Summit

April 12-13, 2022

San Francisco, CA

Bioprocessing Summit - Europe

March 22-24, 20222
Barcelona, Spain & Online

BIO International

June 13-16, 2022
San Diego, CA 

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