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Metalytics provides critical information about cellular metabolic rates in living cells, giving our clients actionable results they can implement to accelerate research, development, and manufacturing timelines.  Our technology-enabled and customized CoreMFA services allow investigators to quickly and rationally engineer improved cells and/or optimize cell culture media components with applications in a diversity of industries, including biopharma and specialty chemical manufacturing, biofuels production, synthetic biology, agricultural biotechnology, and cell-based food production. By highlighting the most promising engineering targets in metabolism, reduced time-to-market, increased production quantity and quality, lower capital requirements, and reduced raw material costs can be achieved.


Leadership Team

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Jamey Young, PhD
Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Jamey is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Metalytics and a Professor in both the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Departments at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. He received his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Purdue University and was a post-doctoral fellow at MIT. His current research applies metabolic engineering in combination with current biochemical and molecular biology approaches to investigate a variety of cell models of relevance to medicine and biotechnology. Jamey developed the proprietary flux analysis software, INCA (the core technology of Metalytics) and his innovative research has been recognized with various awards, including an NSF CAREER Award and a DOE Early Career Award.



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Eric Cumming, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Eric is the Chief Executive Officer at Metalytics. He has over 25 years of executive, entrepreneurial, and business strategy experience in technology, health and biotechnology, building systems, energy, and venture funding. Eric’s roles have also included product conceptualization and development, technology architecture, as well as product management and investment fundraising. Eric earned his MBA from the University of Michigan and his BSc from Oakland University.


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Sam Yenne, PhD, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Sam is the Chief Operating Officer at Metalytics. Sam has over 25 years of corporate leadership along with product discovery and development expertise in the life sciences and related industries. Dr. Yenne has held positions of Project Manager and VP of Development in four different biotechnology companies where he was responsible for developing products from inception to market launch. Prior to this Sam was a strategic business consultant, a project manager for an international chemical and life sciences company, and a scientist conducting complex biological experiments to determine the fate of xenobiotic compounds. Sam earned his MBA from Duke University, his PhD from Virginia Tech, and his BS and MS degrees from the University of Idaho.


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Mark Lombard, MBA
Vice President, Business Development

Mark is the Vice President of Business Development at Metalytics.  Over the course of his 25 years in life sciences, Mark has held leadership positions in the public and private sectors, both as a scientist and business manager.  He has worked as a molecular biologist with several large-cap biopharma companies, as a business and economic developer focused on life science business recruitment and expansion, and as a consultant to domestic and international biopharma companies and contract research organizations.  Mark received a BS in biology and an MS in cell & molecular biology from Western Michigan University, and an MBA from North Carolina State University.


Select Publications

Metabolic flux analysis has been utilized with a wide variety of organisms for a multitude of research, development and manufacturing applications, from cell line engineering and culture media optimization, to better understanding cancer cell biology and metabolic diseases.  Below is a select list of publications from Metalytics’ Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jamey Young, a complete list of publications can be found here.


Application of 13C Flux Analysis to Identify High-Productivity CHO Metabolic Phenotypes

- Metabolic Engineering, 2017

13C Flux Analysis in Biotechnology and Medicine

- Systems Biology, 2017

Application of Isotope Labeling Experiments and 13C Flux Analysis to Enable Rational Pathway Engineering

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2015

13C Metabolic Flux Analysis of Recombinant Expression Hosts

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2014

The Impact of Anti-apoptotic Gene Bcl-2 Expression on CHO Central Metabolism

- Metabolic Engineering, 2014

Role of CHO Central Carbon Metabolism in Controlling the Quality of Secreted Biotherapeutic Proteins

- Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing, 2014

Metabolic Flux Rewiring in Mammalian Cell Cultures

- Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2013

Peak Antibody Production is Associated with Increased Oxidative Metabolism in an Industrially Relevant Fed-batch CHO Cell Culture

- Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2013

Oncogenic KRAS and BRAF Drive Metabolic Reprogramming in Colorectal Cancer

- Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2016

Mapping Cancer Cell Metabolism with 13C Flux Analysis: Recent Progress and Future Challenges

- Journal of Carcinogenesis, 2013

Mass Spectrometry-based Microassay of 2H and 13C Plasma Glucose Labeling to Quantify Liver Metabolic Fluxes in vivo

- American Journal of Physiology, 2015

Tracking Cellular Metabolomics in Lipoapoptosis- and Steatosis-developing Liver Cells

- Molecular BioSystems, 2011



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