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About Metalytics, Inc.

Metalytics provides critical information about cellular metabolic rates in living cells, in vitro and in vivo, giving actionable results which can be implemented to accelerate research, development, and manufacturing timelines. Our CoreMFA Big Data platform allows investigators to quickly and rationally engineer improved cells and/or optimize cell culture media components with applications in a diversity of industries, including biopharma and specialty chemical manufacturing, biofuels and bioproducts production, synthetic biology, agricultural biotechnology, and cell-based protein and food production. By highlighting the most promising engineering targets in metabolism, reduced time-to-market, increased production quantity and quality, lower capital requirements, and reduced raw material costs can be achieved.

About Us

Leadership Team

Leadership Team
Eric Cumming, MBA
Chief Executive Officer

Eric is the Chief Executive Officer at Metalytics. He has over 25 years of executive, entrepreneurial, and business strategy experience in technology, health and biotechnology, building systems, energy, and venture funding. Eric’s roles have also included product conceptualization and development, technology architecture, as well as product management and investment fundraising. Eric earned his MBA from the University of Michigan and his BSc from Oakland University.

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Sam Yenne, PhD, MBA
Chief Operating Officer

Sam is the Chief Operating Officer at Metalytics. Sam has over 25 years of corporate leadership along with product discovery and development expertise in the life sciences and related industries. Dr. Yenne has held positions of Project Manager and VP of Development in four different biotechnology companies where he was responsible for developing products from inception to market launch. Prior to this Sam was a strategic business consultant, a project manager for an international chemical and life sciences company, and a scientist conducting complex biological experiments to determine the fate of xenobiotic compounds. Sam earned his MBA from Duke University, his PhD from Virginia Tech, and his BS and MS degrees from the University of Idaho.

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Daniel Benjamin, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer

Daniel is the Chief Scientific Officer at Metalytics. Daniel received his Ph.D. in metabolic biochemistry from UC Berkeley and was a post-doctoral fellow at Stanford University. As a graduate student, Daniel helped elucidate metabolic pathways that are critical for promoting the aggressive features of breast and ovarian cancer, and he helped to develop small molecule inhibitors that specifically target these pathways. As a postdoc, Daniel studied the changes in the metabolism of stem cells during the aging process, in order to develop metabolism-based therapeutics to enhance stem cell function in older patients.

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Aileen Ferraro, PhD
Director of Business Development

Aileen is the Director of Business Development. She has 10 years of experience in sales and customer management. Aileen comes from the genomics industry, where she held roles in technical applications, study management, and sales. She received her PhD from the University of Georgia in functional genomics and epigenomics and was a Postdoc at the University of Minnesota Medical School.

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Thomas DiProspero, PhD
Director of Product Development

Thomas is the Director of Product Development at Metalytics. Thomas received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from, and was a postdoctoral fellow at, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During his time at Chapel Hill Thomas engineered an in vitro liver model by implementing  various three-dimensional culture methods and physiological conditions to improve the predictability of preclinical drug development. During Thomas's postdoc he collaborated with university scientists to develop commercial products from academic IP.


Current Openings

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Senior Scientist/Member of Executive Team, Systems Biology

Metabolic Scientist/Biochemist

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