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Metalytic's CoreMFA enables analyses and visualizations of the metabolic pathways in cells that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies can use to improve their production process or solve production issues.

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Metalytics provides tools to measure and understand the relationships among nutrient utilization, metabolic efficiency, cell growth and how the cell assembles building blocks to construct the final product. We do this via our customized and proprietary metabolic flux analysis process.

We Optimize and Accelerate Your Bioprocessing Research, Development, and Manufacturing

  • Modeling metabolic reaction rates in cell factories

  • Deploying metabolic flux analysis with advanced, proprietary software systems

  • Accelerating R&D and process improvements

  • Improving efficiency and productivity

  • Solving complex production issues

We Give You a Competitive Advantage

  • Increased production capacity & efficiency

  • Engineered cell lines

  • Optimized culture media

  • Reduced raw material costs

  • Accelerated time to market

  • Increased ROI and profitability

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By providing critical information about cellular metabolic rates in living cells, CoreMFA allows investigators to quickly and rationally engineer improved cells for biomanufacturing. By highlighting the most promising targets in metabolism, reduced time-to-market, increased productive output and production capacity, lower capital requirements, and reduced raw material costs can be achieved.

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We explore your challenges, identify desired outcomes, and develop a plan of action.

You simply send us your samples. We'll generate flux data and maps, provide data analysis and

interpretation, and produce actionable results that will inform and prioritize your next steps.

We provide detailed protocols customized to your cell line and culture conditions.

“We use yeast and E.coli to manufacture commodities and specialty chemicals. We wanted to know the metabolic flux and tried 7 different approaches, but Metalytics’ technology was the best thing for understanding what was going on.” - Dr. Joshua Lerman, Amyris

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