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Metalytics specializes in precisely mapping the flow of metabolism within a cell in order to identify and overcome metabolic bottlenecks that limit cell productivity. We have experience working with a wide variety of cell lines and organisms used to produce a myriad of products across various life science industries. We make sure that at the conclusion of every project, our clients get actionable results that they can use to immediately improve their process and accelerate their research. Our premiere offering, CoreMFA, goes beyond traditional metabolomics to provide an unparalleled view of cell metabolism. We customize and tailor each individual CoreMFA project to help improve product quality, quantity, and consistency for any given cell type or organism of interest. 


CloneSelectMFA™ and MFALite™ are the first of several Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings from our new MFAtwin™ platform.  MFAtwin, an alternative to our traditional CoreMFA platform, enables the prediction of cellular metabolism in a faster, more cost effective, and higher throughput manner than ever before. CloneSelectMFA gives clients the unparalleled ability to identify top-performing CHO clones in mere minutes while only requiring a limited amount of experimental data.  MFALite allows for the rapid visualization of cell metabolism with only a few required data inputs and provides AI-driven solutions to optimize culture media conditions and overcome metabolic bottlenecks.

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Traditional metabolomics studies are useful, but they are a static list of metabolites, a snapshot in time. If metabolomics can be considered a road map, metabolic flux analysis (MFA) is real-time traffic flow, identifying bottlenecks that constrain cellular growth and productivity. Our CoreMFA platform is dynamic, comprehensive, and quantitative - providing actionable results and enabling further scenario analyses. Metabolomics can help you generate hypotheses, CoreMFA allows you to test  those hypotheses and make tangible, significant process improvements.

Beyond Metabolomics


Metabolic flux analysis mathematically models metabolic pathways and pinpoints nodes and bottlenecks that constrain cellular growth and production.  Genetic engineering techniques and/or culture media optimization can then be used to modify the pathway in order to relieve these constraints.  By using our CoreMFA platform, companies can drastically reduce analysis complexity, accelerate their understanding of the metabolic processes involved in their cell factories, and more quickly and rationally improve both the quality and quantity of end products.

We Give You a Competitive Advantage

  • Increased production capacity & efficiency

  • Engineered cell lines

  • Optimized culture media

  • Reduced raw material costs

  • Accelerated time to market

  • Increased ROI and profitability

What We Do

We Optimize and Accelerate Your Bioprocessing Research, Development, and Manufacturing

  • Modeling metabolic reaction rates in cell factories

  • Deploying metabolic flux analysis with advanced, proprietary software systems

  • Accelerating R&D and process improvements

  • Improving efficiency and productivity

  • Solving complex production issues

We explore your challenges, identify desired outcomes, and develop a plan of action.

You simply send us your samples. We'll generate flux data and maps, provide data analysis and

interpretation, and produce actionable results that will inform and prioritize your next steps.

We provide detailed protocols customized to your cell line and culture conditions.

“We use yeast and E.coli to manufacture commodities and specialty chemicals.

We wanted to know the metabolic flux and tried 7 different approaches, but Metalytics’ technology was the best thing for understanding what was going on.”

Dr. Joshua Lerman, Amyris

“This work demonstrates the usefulness of MFA for identifying optimal media for cells.

Success in using these MFA models for clonal grouping and other diagnostic media identification strategies can greatly reduce the timeline and resources needed to optimize media for CHO cells.”

Dr. Jeremiah Riesberg, MilliporeSigma

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